7+ BuddyBoss Alternative (2021)

Are you looking for a BuddyBoss alternative? If you do, then you have come to the right place!

You will find a lot of options when creating your online membership site. One of those options is BuddyBoss. It is a community plugin that works on WordPress. It is open-source and gives you the ability to work on ideas with complete freedom.

But, it is not perfect.

BuddyBoss, for example, cannot insert hooks which limit dynamic content insertion. It also lacks a dark version if you are looking for one. Other big cons include the following:

  • Lack of custom font integration
  • Customization can be limited due to a lack of hooks insertion
  • It doesn’t work with some page builders, including Elementor

If you are on the same boat and looking for a BuddyBoss alternative, then let’s get started.

5 BuddyBoss Alternative 2021

Community Theme

Community Theme is one of the best alternatives when it comes to BuddyBoss. It is a membership theme where you can create amazing courses and communities. 

For example, you can sell online courses using major LMS solutions such as LearnDash or LifterLMS, or LearnDash. 

Are you thinking of creating online communities? Well, Community Themes also lets you do so. You can create communities that thrive by sharing information. If you are looking to monetize your community, you can also do so with online membership programs.

All of these are possible because of the features it has to offer. The key features that BuddyBoss offers include:

  • Users can express themselves using member profiles
  • Use social groups to enable users to share their interest among trusted people
  • Forum discussions to help each other.
  • Private messages to ensure privacy
  • Media and albums to show the world what users are doing
  • Create events to improve social expression

Community Theme offers good pricing plans. Their basic plan starts from just $197 per year. Moreover, you can do a seven-day free trial. 


Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there. The reason behind its popularity is its lightweight and customizability it has to offer.

Astra is a splendid multipurpose WordPress theme. It can be used for all kinds of websites, whether it is for technology blogs or fashion stores. It provides a robust platform with high performance, which catches many people’s attention. 

Some of the key features of Astra are listed below:

  • It’s very lightweight and very fast to use.
  • It uses less than 50KB of recourses, which is very minimal compared to other themes.
  • Users can customize layouts for pc as well as mobile devices.
  • The Spacing Addon allows users to customize margins and paddings. 
  • Users can have more than 700+ google fonts for their website.
  • It has a straightforward, user-friendly interface which is very useful. 

Astra has a free version for users. Apart from that, it provides good pricing for users with three types of annual plans – Astra Pro with $47, Mini Agency Bundle with $169, and Agency Bundle with $249.

Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most popular and flagship themes of Elegant Themes available on the market. It is a multipurpose theme used to create any type of website using WordPress. 

It rolls out regular updates and continuously trying to improve performance. Divi is a powerful theme with various templates and designs that help users customize their websites and build their unique designs.

The top features of Divi are listed below:

  • Divi has a drag and drop building feature, making it easier to design with no further coding or backend work.
  • Users can easily combine their custom CSS designs with Divi’s visual design.
  • Divi has dozens of customization options and unique page elements, which gives full control of the design.
  • Users can customize, save, and re-use an unlimited number of designs.
  • Users always have the option of redo, undo, and travel through editing timelines to make designing easier.

Divi does not have any free plans, but it provides a couple of pocket-friendly plans, which start with $89 per year and $249 a one-time pay lifetime plan. For more details, click here.

Boss Theme

Boss Theme 2.0 is one of the best BuddyPress themes available. It has some excellent features and a robust platform to help users customize and design their websites.

It has some good features which are very flexible and easy to use. This makes editing a website easy and fun for users. Also, it has a variety of templates and designs, which provides users with lots of options.

Some key features of Boss Theme are giving below:

  • A variety of templates giving lots of options for designing.
  • Come with a powerful admin panel that helps users with optimized scripts and configurations.
  • It has a multilingual feature so that you can have your website in many different languages.
  • It has social media integration; therefore, users can log in from Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Boss Theme provides annual subscription plans with a limited number of website configurations. The plans start from $129 for one website configuration. For more details, click here.

Avada Theme

Avada Theme is a great multipurpose WordPress theme where users can build different types of websites. It has many demo features useful for new users to get hold of a great website builder.

Avada comes with several template options and designs to make website building easier. It offers great performance out of the box — making it a great theme for website building. The theme also comes with an easy-to-use interface.

 Some of their key features are listed below:

  • It has a front-end page builder, which makes designing easy.
  • It comes with hundreds of templates and themes that provide lots of designing options.
  • It has excellent integrations like WooCommerce.
  • Its demo features are of great attraction and suitable for newcomers.

Avada Theme gives many demo features, so you must check them out on their website. Its paid plans start from $60 a month. For more details, visit their site by clicking here


eLumine is a WordPress theme designed by LeanDash. This theme is easy to use and user-friendly.

eLumine has a wonderful interface and a huge library of templates that help to build websites easily. It has some fluid and flexible features which help in designing and developing a website.

Key features of eLumine are:

  • It is well optimized and has superb performance.
  • It provides some clean and organized designs which are very appealing.
  • Since it has a multilingual feature, this makes it free from any language barriers.
  • It provides various customization elements, making your design very unique.

eLumine gives both one-time payments and annual payment options. Its product plan starts with $100 paying annually. For more options, check out their site here.


MightyNetworks is a cloud-based software that allows users to build and manage online communities on their websites. It is used as a Learning Management System(LMS) tool. 

Here users can create communities for online learners and help them. It becomes easy with MightyNetworks as it is a lag-free and powerful tool for this kind of work. This tool is best for users who just want to grow a community of learners without thinking much of any payouts.

Some of the key features of MightyNetworks are:

  • Users can build and sell courses online.
  • It has some simple yet effective templates which give a unique feel to users’ design.
  • Users get some solid analytical data which helps in gaining more reach and growth of the community.
  • It has quick responsive customer support, which comes in handy in times of need.

MightyNetworks comes with a forever free plan and a 14 days free trial offer. Apart from that, their paid plans start from $81/month paid annually. For more details, click here


Thinkific is an online course building, selling, and marketing platform. This is of great help to teachers, especially during this pandemic situation. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use for beginners. 

It has a very safe and secure database that is being monitored 24/7. Thinkific is a very handy platform when it comes to online course building and selling. It has some outstanding features that help in marketing users’ courses and grow their community.

Some key features of Thinkific are as follows:

  • Thinkicfic has a drag & drop feature, which makes course building faster and easier.
  • It supports all kinds of multimedia content; this makes the courses more appealing and interactive.
  • Users can always customize the way their course will run and give a distinct look to their course.
  • Users can build and design their websites where they can sell their courses. 
  • Users get all kinds of marketing tools to grow their business and sell their courses online. 

Thinkific comes with a free version that you can use anytime. It has some reasonable paid plans which start from $39/month. For more pricing details, check here.


The above-mentioned are the alternatives for BuddyBoss. Now you have to try out and see which one is best for you. Community Theme offers a great balance between features and performance.

If you are looking for some powerful, lightweight, and fast theme with good designing options, you can choose Astra or Divi Theme. Boss Theme and Avada Theme have some valuable integrations, and they are great customization tools, giving a distinctive look to your website.

eLumine is a comprehensive, multipurpose theme that is worthy of website development and design. MightyNetworks and Thinkific are more beneficial for online course management and marketing. You must go through all the options and see which one fulfills your requirements and choose the right theme for yourself. Feel free to put your suggestions and experiences below in the comment section.


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